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Success of our clients thanks to our expertise on Google My Business

Testimonials from satisfied customers and tangible results.


Fée Des Nuits

With Fée des nuits, we were able to position ourselves in first place (respectively for the searches "Child Sleep Coach" and "Baby Sleep Coach") in Paris in less than 90 days, thanks to the support and optimization of its Google My Business listing. It was a real challenge, as the competitors were already present for many years, but we kept our promise to be among the first three searches on Google and we did even better.


Geneva Eyes

Over the course of a month, we increased the views of Geneva Eyes beauty institute from 310 to 1140, resulting in a 150% increase in the number of calls and clicks on the website.


VLR Couverture

We quickly positioned VLR Couverture in second place in a very competitive region thanks to our expertise. VLR Couverture now reaches 3,000 views per month, with many calls and clicks on the website.


Brasserie LaFabriq

We managed to position the profile of the Brewery LaFabriq and the website in first place on Google. This profile attracts more than 7,000 visitors each month and generates an average of 27 calls.


Agence Localnord

We are proud to be in first position for our relevant keywords, particularly in our region. We are looking to expand our reach by opening new locations in other regions to continue growing in the market.



We were able to position Barki'ink in third place on Google My Business. This resulted in an average of 1,400 views and 16 calls per month for the business.


Ice Communication

We were able to position Ice Communication in first place on Google search results in the city of Tincques and the surrounding area. This led to an increase in calls and website visits, without the need for additional actions.

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